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  • +-General conditions

    1. General
    1.1. Fieretvis.nl offers services relating to selling fish and related items in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    1.2. In these general conditions shall apply:
    - Fieretvis.nl: the private company Fieret Purchase and Sales Ltd located at Industrieweg 13, 4501 in Oostburg PM, at the chamber of commerce for South Netherlands under registration number 21019391.
    - Buyer: a natural person, corporation or legal entity who has contracted fieretvis.nl  to perform a service.
    - Website: the website held by Fieretvis.nl with the following URL http://www.fieretvis.nl.
    1.3. Fieretvis.nl reserves the right to modify and / or supplement these General Terms & Conditions.

    2. Offer and Agreement
    2.1 Offers and quotations should be regarded as invitations to potential buyers to make an offer. Fieretvis.nl is in no way bound to such offers or quotations, nor any offer on the part of potential buyers, unless this is stated in a written and unambiguous manner. The acceptance of an invitation to make an offer by the prospective buyer is counted as an offer and leads only to the conclusion of an agreement if consented to the other conditions of this article.
    2.2 An offer of a potential buyer as mentioned in Article 2.1 shall be deemed to be made in one of the following circumstances:
    - The potential buyer has to complete the data entered in the appropriate input screen of the website and electronically transmitted this information to Fieretvis.nl. These data have been received by fieretvis.nl; or
    - Fieretvis.nl has made a personal offer to the potential purchaser, which is agreed upon by the potential buyer.
    2.3 An agreement will be concluded at the moment  when the order is delivered to the purchaser or, if the offer was made through the website, by e-mail was sent to the buyer’s given email address. Fieretvis.nl may revoke this agreement if the buyer does not meet the required conditions fieretvis.nl or if at any time it is obvious, that the buyer hasn’t met the conditions in the past.
    2.4 Information, images, oral communications, statements with respect to all items and the main characteristics of the products which are in any way provided by fieretvis.nl are as accurately as possible shown and / or done. Fieretvis.nl can not guarantee that all offers and products are perfectly in agreement with the given information. Deviations can not be a reason for claiming damages and / or dissolution of the agreement.

    3. Prices
    3.1. All prices are in Euros, in line with legal regulations, and include VAT. The buyer is bound to the price which fieretvis.nl has communicated in its confirmation according to Article 2.3 of these conditions. The price has to be paid in advance, in so far, that fieretvis.nl will not deliver any products until they are paid for.
    3.2. Obvious mistakes in the price, such as obvious errors, can even after the completion of the agreement be corrected by fieretvis.nl. Special offers are only valid while supplies last.

    4. Payments
    The buyer can pay his/her orders through the website by means of the available payment options.

    5. Delivery and Delivery Time
    5.1 Orders will be delivered as soon as possible and within 24 hours by Fieretvis.nl after payment by the buyer or at any delivery date specified by the buyer. The delivery time proposed by Fieretvis.nl is only an indication, from which no rights can be derived.
    5.2 The order will only be delivered at the address which the buyer has indicated at the conclusion of the purchase.
    5.3 The buyer is obliged to accept the purchased goods within the period  and / or on or at around the time he / she agreed upon. The reflection period referred to in Article 7:46d paragraph 1of the Civil Code does not apply, since it concerns goods that can quickly spoil or become obsolete, as referred to in Article 7:46d 4 paragraph sub 4 of the Civil Code.
    5.4 If at the intended time of delivery by the postman, neither the buyer nor a person designated by him is present at the delivery address, or neither the buyer nor the designated person mentioned is able or willing to receive the package, fieretvis.nl can no longer guarantee the proper temperature of the contents of the package.
    5.5 Immediately upon reception, the buyer has to check the products. If the buyer receives the products in a poor condition or receives products that do not meet the requirements concerning the quality of the products, we request that the buyer informs us immediately and no later than within six hours after reception of the bought goods. In this case, the buyer can contact our customer service via our webshop. Our customer service ensures that the complaint will be dealt with as good and as quick as possible. Complaints can also be sent to the mailing address of fieretvis.nl as indicated in Article 1 of these general conditions, or be transmitted to the office address as listed in Article 1 of these general conditions.

    6. Force majeure
    6.1 In case of force majeure, fieretvis.nl is not bound to meet its obligations to the buyer. Fieretvis.nl is entitled to suspend its obligations for the duration of the circumstances.
    6.2 Force majeure includes any circumstance which arrives independently of the original intent and beyond any control which prevents in whole or in part the fulfilling of the obligations to the buyer. These circumstances include strikes, fires, business disturbances, power failures, failures in (telecommunications) networks or connections or communication systems and / or at any time the inaccessibility op the website, a late- or no delivery at all by suppliers or other third parties and the absence of any license, issued by the government.

    7. Personal data
    Fieretvis.nl will use the personal data of the buyer exclusively in conformity with its own privacy policy. The personal data of all (potential) buyers who made these available to us in order to complete the processing of their orders, are very carefully handled and securely stored. This information is only used internally by fieretvis.nl and will never be transmitted to third parties. Fieretvis.nl strictly observes all applicable laws and regulations in this respect.

    8. Liability and indemnification
    8.1. Fieretvis.nl is never liable for any indirect damages caused to the buyer or to third parties, including consequential loss, trading loss, delay damages, lost profits or personal injury, or any (other) indirect damages from any cause whatsoever and regardless of whosoever suffers.
    8.2. The buyer indemnifies Fieretvis.nl from all claims by third parties, for whatever reason, in respect of compensation for damages, costs and / or interest caused by, happened to, or in any way related to the goods supplied by us casu quo our execution of the service.

    9. Other regulations
    9.1. All (non-)legal expenses of any nature whatsoever which fieretvis.nl, due to the failure by the buyer of his (payment) obligations, had to make, will be charged to the buyer. In case of delayed payments, fieretvis.nl is authorized to dissolve or suspend  the agreement with immediate effect until the buyer's payment has been fully received, including the payment of (non)judicial costs of any nature related to this.
    9.2 The agreements established by fieretvis.nl are governed by Dutch law. The Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods, the "Uniform Law on establishment of International Sales of Goods" and the "Vienna Convention of 1980 on the international sale of goods" as well as any current- or future international regulations for the sale of goods which effect can be excluded by the parties, are hereby expressly excluded.
    9.3. In case of a dispute, the relatively competent jurisdiction court in the Netherlands is qualified.

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