Return policy

Fieret's Vishandel considers it important that you are satisfied. That is why our return policy consists of two clear rules:

• Order not delivered in time? Then you may refuse it and you will receive your money back.
• Package openend, but is the fish no longer good? We reimburse the purchase price.

If you refuse an order, PostNL will ensure that it is returned to us. You can simply throw away the fish which is not good anymore.

Order not in time?

An order of Fieret's Vishandel normally takes 2 days to arrive at your place. Should we unexpectedly fail to fulfill this promise, you have the right to refuse the order. The fish is returned to us by PostNL. Have you paid already? Then you will receive the purchase price back as soon as possible.

Order not fresh anymore?

We strive to deliver the fish as fresh as possible to your home. During the cold periods of the year (autumn, winter, spring), fish usually lasts longer during the delivery process than during the summer. At high temperatures we advise our customers to always check the fish.

Did you open the package and the fish does not seem to be good anymore? Then you will of course be reimbursed in full. By means of a credit note we ensure that the amount is fully refunded via the payment method you used.