• +-Packing method

    To ensure the shipping of fresh and chilled fish, we use IceGelPacks. You can reuse them. It is important that, when your fish arrives, you directly consume or freeze it. If you want to thaw frozen fish, we recommend you to put this one night before into the fridge. This way, the freshness of our products and your fish will be guaranteed.
    Besides the use of appropriate IceGelPacks, your fish will be shipped in sealed polystyrene boxes. The fish will be neatly packed.

    Finally, the box is sealed. The paid invoice (for your accountancy) will be stuck on the outside of the box lid as well as the label of the parcel. On the envelope as well your address as ours will be stated.
    Never place the parcel near the heating system or in the sun!

    Upon request, we pack your fish fillets or fish on trays with your specified number (with transparent plastic film).